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Storytelling has been a buzzword in the data analytics/BI vertical for decades. However, very few products are able to really make a home run in this direction, either due to the lack of focus on the personas who would benefit from the storytelling or fail on delivering the experience it really requires. This article will dive into both aspects and discuss who the storytelling experience is really for and what it should do.

Who is it for?

It’s very important to identify the user persona before talking about what the experience should be. …

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Both Uber and Tesla would say their value proposition to the customers is mobility, yet they are in two completely different types of business. The key that made the difference is their target customer types: professionals vs non-professionals.

In a perfect world without AI and robots, two resources are necessary to accomplish any job: Labor and tools. Paintings are made by artists with brushes just as shipments are delivered by drivers with trucks. It’s not hard to find from the example given above that the artists and drivers are professionals. Professionals are domain experts who are willing to spend time…

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The in-person interview might not be the easiest way to find answers for the product questions but it is definitely one of the most powerful ways to get customer insights for product design, persona building, and essentially business model innovation. As tons of articles have already explained the difference between product surveys and in-person interviews, I will save the space here to convince you that the truth always lies outside of the room. Maybe it will be a topic for another day.

The main thing to get out from a product interview is customer insights. Insight in a way is…

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